Jack Savoretti – Before the Storm (Review)


‘Not Worthy’, the first song from Jack Savoretti’s third studio album, ‘Before the Storm’, manages to set the tone of the album in the first few bars, with a folky, catchy riff and soulful lyrics. In fact, the album shows a consistency that is rare in 13-track albums, without a filler track in sight. Following ‘Not Worthy’ is the heartbreakingly beautiful new single ‘Take Me Home’, which shows both Savoretti’s incredible song writing skill and the melancholy undertone of the album.

The next highlight of the album has to be Vagabond, a song much darker and rougher than the rest of the album, with light melodies for a perfect juxtaposition. It’s this song that really shows Savoretti’s vocals off to their fullest, especially in the line ‘your blood is my weakness’, and also demonstrating haunting melodies and harmonies. Towards the end of the album comes the more upbeat track, and also my favorite, ‘Lifetime’, featuring the singalong lines of ‘If you feel like you’re wasting your time/Waste it of you want to’ and ‘There’s only so much you can do in one lifetime/Take it easy’.

The album ends on a much sadder note, however, with the beautiful ‘For the Last Time’, which again shows Jack’s ability to write powerful, haunting lyrics. The song has a resonance that sticks with you once it finishes, and makes you want to hit the repeat button and experience ‘Before the Storm’ all over again.

I would list other highlights, but really all the songs are of such a consistently high standard it’s hard to pick. With its light melodies, beautiful lyrics and rough and ready vocals, ‘Before the Storm’ is a flawless third album. Here’s hoping it gets the recognition it deserves.

‘Take Me Home’, the lead single from the album, is released on the 25th Jun. 2012. The album ‘Before the Storm’ is released of the 4th June 2012. Jack is also about to tour the UK on his spring tour.

Charlotte Earney


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