Wildeflower – Good Girl (Single Review)


Wildeflower are set to release their debut single “Good Girl” on the 14th May with a limited press of just 250 7” vinyl records. With the amount of positive attention this song is already receiving, they may want to rethink that decision.

“Good Girl” offers a modern folk style which marries the richness of layered instrumentation with the purity of lo-fi production, all topped off with good helping of ethereal vocals. The result is a fresh and effortless sound – enthralling but not overbearing or trite. It’s Neil Young meets My Morning Jacket on a warm day in the Surrey countryside.

This song has instant summer appeal – the steady, plodding folk rhythm and laid back vibe carries you along on a warm breeze, immersing you in a kind of sepia tone nostalgia. The birdsong and rainfall at beginning and end only serve to increase the feeling that the band just floated out of a nearby forest to serenade you. And that could well be the case, as they reportedly took to the country for recording sessions in order to capture an organic quality in their music.

The song is a well composed and really demonstrates an ability to balance simplicity with a high level of musical interest – not an easy feat. The way the track ebbs and flows amounts to a piece of classic song-writing. The understated folk verses contrast with a powerful chorus, driven by expansive vocal harmonies. The song then culminates in a spiritually-uplifting, intricate mass, where every instrument seems to have its own leitmotif. Instead of vying for the spotlight however, each part, from the mildly out-of-tune ‘plinky’ piano to the vintage synth, blend together.

There’s not much to dislike about this single – its style is going to appeal to many breeds of listener. It is instantly accessible and melodic to attract a mainstream crowd but with more than enough cool to entice those less inclined to the conventional.

Better order that vinyl ASAP – it’s not going to hang around for long.

Stefanie Jane Williamson


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