Touch Episode 3 Review – “Safety in Numbers”


In episode 3 of Touch, Tim Kring opens by throwing questions at his audience. We’re asked what we would do if we “were the one who knew what needed to be done”, only we “had no words”? How on earth would you “make the others understand”, would you be able to “call for help”? For the last two episodes Jake has been communicating with his father to ease the pains of those suffering around the world via mathematical divine intervention. Unfortunately it seems to not only be running his father Martin Bohm ragged but has him questioning his role in the grand scheme of things.

This week his responsibility is to follow a homeless man, who like Jake can tweak and twerk events in time, realigning paths to right wrongs. Unlike Jake he doesn’t use others to do his bidding but is more direct and we watch as merely pushing a button ensures a woman crosses the road at a specific time, which in turn gets her to the office lobby in time to receive a morale boost from a fellow victim. Here we learn that both women have suffered at the hands of Morton Startling a big financial firm who appear to have swindled them out of their savings through victims of investment fraud, only with no proof the case hangs on by a thread.

If Martin Bohm thought following a silent Jake was a struggle, making sense of a homeless man who speaks in fairy tale talk must be stretching him to his full capacity. Conversations of slaying dragons and swords of truth that can’t be touched has Bohm tracking down a Roger King, unfortunately he gets to the address he’s been given only to find out from Charlie King that his father died a while ago. Desperate to have the dots connected, Bohm hustles his way in and after a ‘tete a tete’ with Charlie, discovers that he is the Brother of Walter King our homeless “invisible prince”. We also learn from Charlie that Walter a mathematical genius wrote the financial scheme that allowed Morton Startling to cheat their investors. Their father Roger King died soon after the fraud case blew up and riddled with guilt, Walter goes off the rails and ‘jacks out’ of society.

An episode wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t an international affair and this week we head over to South Africa where we meet Grace and her band of merry women. Grace’s BFF Sauda is suffering at the hand of her brute of a boyfriend, filled with fear she has already given up the fine fight and seems to have accepted that being his punching bag is her lot in life. Thankfully womanhood is not about standing idly by while one of your sisters is being battered and bruised and best friend Grace is happy to stand up and be counted. Despite having experienced first-hand the violence of Sauda’s boyfriend, when Grace hears her girl in trouble, armed with merely a pot and a spoon, she begins to bang.

The call to arms is heard and honoured by women around the village and my heart did swell as I watched them come out to show their support of their struggling sister. While Sauda’s tongue may be tied out of fear, theirs is stopped for effect, they need not say anything, they let their pots to do the talking. Each clang sends a clear message to Sauda’s abusive hubby, they pummel into his ear drums that his treatment of her will not be silently swept under the carpet or tolerated.

Kring does well to keep all the various story lines together and doesn’t waste any opportunities to show us how intricately laced our lives are. Throughout the episode he makes use of a dance competition and its international reach somewhat exhaustively. The Morticians- Myoko and Izumi, we met them in the Pilot, jet over for their stab at knocking the BeastMaster off his throne and bump into a jilted girl, we’ll call her ‘red dress’. It’s a good thing too because after rushing off to shake their rumps on stage ‘red dress’ finds the roaming mobile from the pilot abandoned on the bar. How it manages to find its way onto the bar table is somewhat baffling as it was last seen attached to Abdul’s chest in Iraq being used as a bomb detonator!

Alas stranger things have happened, like a ten-year old from South Africa snatching the championship from the BeastMaster. Gutted though the man may be, Kring makes sure everyone has their happy ending and unites him with ‘red dress’ who shares the ‘miracles’ contained on the memory chip of the magical mobile with him. Perhaps she can help mend his chipped ego with a clip of Kayla Graham then again maybe he’d prefer some dancing kittens. I thought I’d get bored of the happy ending formula but in a world full of doom and gloom, it’s quite refreshing knowing that before Tim Kring tackles some of the painful issues, in the end it’ll be happy tears being wiped away by tissues.


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