Tennis – My Better Self/Petition (Single Review)


My Better Self/Petition is the new double A-Side release from Tennis, an American husband and wife duo. After meeting whilst studying together, the couple began writing music when they spent eight months sailing and exploring together, an adventure that resulted in their debut album Cape Dory, released in early 2011. One year later, the duo released Young & Old, their critically well-received second album, of which My Better Self/Petition is taken.

The first song from the release and also its highlight, My Better Self, is a delicate composition. ‘If I don’t use words then each sound goes unheard / Utterly senseless without nouns and verbs’, sing Tennis in the chorus, finishing with ‘But symbols suggest they are fit to possess / A purposely function that cannot be met’. The music itself is calm and relaxing and the vocals keep with this theme, remaining understated yet leaving the listener desiring more. Petition, the second song on the double A-side release, is more upbeat than My Better Self. The track’s drum-laden backing music ensures that the composition remains catchy, with Tennis’s lead singer, Alaina Moore, singing a chorus of ‘Misinform the life all know / On my banner censor shows’.

Tennis are performing numerous European gigs in the upcoming months, including the Jericho Tavern in Oxford on May 23rd and at the I’ll Be Your Mirror festival at Alexandra Palace, London on May 27th.

James Golunski


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