Le Blorr – Seven Sisters (Single Review)


Bastard Lovechild Of Rock ‘N’ Roll also known as Le Blorr or BLORR are set to release their debut single Seven Sisters on April 23rd.

The unusual name was derived from the Floridian pair wanting something ridiculous,this theme is continued to their diva-esque stage names of Cookie SugarHips (Chris Hess) and Hot Damn Sweet Huckleberry Winn ( Adam Winn). The duo has a range of influences including Led Zeppelin, The Doors and The Black Angels.

To sum it up, Seven Sisters is a shamanistic, psychedelic excursion with a mixture of ghost and space rock.

The track begins with a gritty distorted noise, introducing a creepy and spooky atmosphere, which is then reinforced by the harrowing, murmuring vocals. This is then contrasted with the calming and harmonizing guitar strings, which is very reminiscent to the sounds of Jeff Buckley. Cookie is on vocals, guitar, and keyboards with Hot Damn on drums and keyboards.­

Chris’s piercing vocals add to the mystic as well as lyrics such as Sea drinks itself to die, and whispers to the sea below, hinting that they are not of this world. There is now a build up of energy and the song becomes more layered, the pace changing from fast to slow – as does the hypnotic video shot under water.

The video depicts a group of young, god-like women dressed in floaty white gowns, gliding under the surface like graceful mermaids. The visuals really add to emphasize the contrast in sound from the kaleidoscopic shapes, the bright aura around the swimmers juxtaposed with the murky water.

Towards the end of the track it winds down and all is calm, mirroring the speed and action of someone drowning and all is still.

What I like most about this song is how conceptual it is along with the visuals, allowing the listener and/or viewer to interpret the message, as they will.

If you were left inquisitive for more, their previously released Ep Bim Bom is worth lending your ears, promoting genres such as blues, jazz, bossanova, psychedelia, and dance.

Overall, Le Blorr seem a really great mix of seriousness and fun, with melancholy chords combined with dressing like glam rock superstars. The video was also shot partly on a beach in Florida and in a friend’s pool – seems like fun to me.

Clare Lane


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