Kindness – House (Single Review)


It is not surprising that the music maker behind explosive aural sensation of the single “House”, played at the seismic international underground-to-overground event that is South by South West (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas last month. Beginning with simple piano chords, then quickly layered with clangy rhythmic overtones, “Kindness” aka Adam Bainbridge introduces you to his otherworldly sounds, in a haunting voice, chanted, slurred lyrics interpose, “It’s enough to say you didn’t know that every day you ought love someone, you break down and you pray,hoping something comes your way, you aughta love someone, “ . However, the initial voice-over is so haunting at times that it does not make me feel like I wanna cosy-up to whoever is singing, at times sounding slightly depressed, but it gets better.

The intensity of the track  increase leading into trance-like  futuristic synths, framed by steady drums-cymbals, aural delight to say the least. The more you listen, the more his fusion of sounds draw you in and the harmonies become more apparent. Introduced by a crisp simple piano chords, the mood shifts- to an uplifting one. The chorus responds to the initial verse, sung with what sounds like a small choral in the background, “I can give you all that you need, but I’ll give you all I can feel” . And the title given to the track, “House” is equally puzzling. I assume there is some deep artistic reason for this? Trance-dance-electronica/mixed genre artists in general seem to have an artistic licence to be wonderfully vague about such matters. Maybe because they’re rarely interviewed and can hide behind large turn-tables? I digress. I’ll give it to Kindness (an ironic stage name, considering) who manages to successfully marry several genres in this track “House” it gradually transitions from a trance-house-like vibe, with funk undertones, to a neo-soul vibe at the end. Ultimately, I would say all his four star reviews are warranted, personally, I’d just like there to be some correlation between the lyrics and the mood- that may never happen.Kindness exists in a league all of his own. Mark the following date in your diary, on your smartphones, wish-list-it: “House” will be released June 18th, alongside a number of b-sides and fresh mixes. He is currently on tour, playing two dates in France next week, New York and Philly in the USA in May, back to Europe, then off to Japan in mid-August; he will then return to end his tour in the Isle if Wight, at one of the last of the summer festivals, Bestival on September 7. After my first taste of the Kindness’ je-ne-sais-quoi , I have to say I wouldn’t mind standing in line to see the mystery man play.

Zaneta Denny

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