New Music: Worship – Ane Brun ft. Jose Gonzalez


Worship is a beautiful, sinister affair.  Riding atop a foreboding tide of a low vibraphone and measured triangle hits is Ane Brun’s yearning voice, declaring that “you never worship your life”.  This refrain is echoed by collaborator Jose Gonzalez, whose sultry tones are instantly recognisable.

Over the course of four minutes and seventeen seconds, the song grows into a wholly absorbing entity.  The intricate, semitonal counter melodies on the strings add an epic, almost theatrical quality that is strangely evocative of German art house cinema.  There’s something undeniably creepy about Worship – the lyrics address an unnamed pessimist who refuses to see the good in his life, and the instrumentation builds an atmosphere to match.  Unusual chord progressions and a soft, unrelenting beat evoke feelings of monotony and apprehension.

Despair not, listeners, for there is hope entwined in the darkness.  When Brun delicately sings the lyric  “my heartbeat can be your silver lining”, even the most die-hard pessimist is sure to melt a little.  This is an intriguing single that gets better with every listen.

Ane Brun’s album It All Starts With One is out now

Thea de Gallier


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  1. You didn’t mention the choruses, though, where the tension is resolved and the tone is tenderly entreating, not creepy. “All the while you’re standing still, you are always in the past. You won’t let the good times, if you do you make sure they will(?) last. Can’t you see the light that’s shining to lead you back again? My heartbeat could be your silver lining just listen, why don’t you bend?”

    Part of what’s creepy about this song is the video, which is just so strong and haunting and appropriate to the music.

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