Jimmy Edgar – Switch, Switch (Review)


Switch,Switch is the lead out hitter for the new Jimmy Edgar album, ‘Magenta’.  For those who aren’t aware of Jimmy Edgar’s work, you’re not alone.  His work is quite new to me as well.  The 28 year old out of Detroit is known for his R+B and funk styled work and he is a “self proclaimed poster child of Sound culture”.  Make of that statement what you will.

He’s also something of a polymath, having learned many instruments and musical production and despite not even being thirty yet, he’s produced several albums and has EP’s that date back to the year 2001.  He’s also a highly rated photographer whose photos have appeared in Prada and Calvin Kline adverts.

The song itself, available at present for a free download, is something of a fast burning funk beat that you might expect to have heard in a club in the nineties.  It’s seriously retro with a big looping seventies style beat and some eighties synth in there too.  All in all, it’s got influences and flavours from all over the place, showcasing Jimmy’s wide array of musical knowledge.

It’s vaguely reminiscent of a number of artists.  Its slight discordant and chaotic nature conjures up images of Aphex Twin, though its far softer than any of that.  It’s luxuriant, perhaps even arrogant sound brings up French band Air and it does have the same disco lounge feel of Air’s work.

The tone is light and breezy and whilst it’s probably not quite a dance worthy song, I can imagine that some may be able to “get down and funky” to this song.  It’s not one of those songs that catches the imagination, nor is it one that you find yourself humming or singing.  Indeed it has no lyrics at all to sing!

For fans of R+B, funk and more easy going dance, this is well worth a listen.  It’s not a bad piece of “musical wallpaper” which sounds a bit like damning it with feint praise.  But everything has its place and its use and I think that “Switch Switch” will find a place in chillout rooms (if such things still exist) and at trendy middle class parties.

For some that would be a fate worse than death but for Jimmy Edgar, I think he’ll find a way to cope.  It’s not always an easy life being a poster child.

Richard Hart


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