Films of Colour – Running (Single Review)


Running//Creature of Habit is the new single from Films of Colour, released on 16th April. This collaboration with producer YILA is a new direction for the band and is a really expansive, brooding sounding record. Previous releases Actions and Capital/Persinette both achieved significant radio play and media support (plus backing to a scene in ‘Made In Chelsea’, which has got to be the highlight of anyone’s career).

Lead singer Andy’s ‘Chris Martin-esque’ vocals provide a really beautiful accompaniment to the echoing, minimal guitar riffs. Themed around the paranoia of a relationship this song really connects with you on another level and the anthemic chanting of the rest of the band underneath Andy’s plea of “You can stop my heart or keep it running” is all rather emotional. This will strike a chord with us all at some point and it’s this that I think will get this track a fair bit of attention. It’s very moody and brooding but still lovely.

The opening is beautifully understated with Andy ‘ooing’ over a few, sparse notes on the guitar and as the track goes on more and more elements are added until you reach the big, sweeping climax. I can see people chanting along to this in the future, by my second listen I was already joining in with the woahs and by my third I was practically word perfect (or so I like to think).

The expansive sound of ‘Running’ still manages to feel intimate and this is definitely an in ear, pretending you’re in the music video, whilst strolling through a misty park kind of track.


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