AWOLNATION – Not Your Fault (Single Review)


‘Not Your Fault’ is the second single set to be released from electronic pop rock AWOLNATION’s debut album Megalithic Symphony. The American band, fronted by Aaron Bruno, has already had plenty of success with lead single from the album ‘Stay’, which has sold almost one million downloads as well as being on the playlists of radio stations such as Radio One, XFM and Kerrang.

As you’d expect from a band who combine rock with large amounts of electronic elements, ‘Not Your Fault’ is mainly constructed from plenty of synthesiser sounds while intertwined with guitar notes and strong basslines in the background. It’s a very sugary pop rock song; the synths are very bright and playful, Bruno’s vocals for the most part are very light and dreamy and are complemented very nicely by harmonised backing vocals from the rest of the band.

The song itself is pretty much summarised in the title as the band put everything into the big hook in the chorus as Bruno screams “Baby when I’m yelling at you / It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault, yeah.” Building up to the chorus, the song runs hot and cold, often relying on the big hook of the chorus to distract from the mediocre lyricism of the verses. There are some nice lines, for example when Bruno doubts himself in comparison to this girl, “She’s a ten / I’m a joke in my own mind” but his description of why she’s so perfect leaves a lot to be desired, saying “She was built with some brain and some swagger” but seemingly that’s about it.

Nevertheless, the song itself is a charming song with a big, catchy chorus.

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