Ones to Watch: Spector


Spector: a five-piece, nu-indie, London-based band, who charmed our finger onto the replay button with the very first beat.

Once in a while, something comes around that is just too exciting to ignore. And the delicious musical styling’s of Spector fall under that category with startling accuracy. With a name that emanates musical potential – did someone say Phil Spector? – these cheeky chappies are already set-up for success.

Stealing our hearts at first sound late last summer, Spector have strummed and synth-ed their way into the New Year with a contemporary bang. Having narrowly missed out on the BBC Sound of 2012 Award, this hasn’t stopped their admirable drive.

Now you may be expecting us to go off on some predictable, indulgent ramble about how they will never reach the heights of THE Spector, or indeed live-up to their own pretentious self-image. But, unashamedly we will hold our hands up and throw down our sarcasm pens, for Spector deserve nothing but praise for their initiative in storming a recently under-appreciated genre with the bombast and passion of a band in it for the long haul.

Sure, they don’t quite have the charisma of Brandon Flowers just yet, but at least lead singer – 23 year old Fred Macpherson – isn’t trying to be something he’s not. With milk bottle geek glasses all askew, a hearty resilience, and the unadulterated passion of a 15-year-old boy with dreams of bright lights and packed venues, this Hoxton lad has already survived two failed bands and a stream of doubtful critics. So it’s almost certain that this is his ‘third time lucky’.

Their sound? Try an eclectic mix of supra-alternative magic; the Killers meets the early Strokes meets Frank Sinatra. Singles ‘Never Fade Away’ and ‘Chevy Thunder’ are guilty of stirring the listener into a trance-like frenzy from the smooth mantra that their lyrics convey; we’re pretty sure that the self-important feel of Spector’s songs will catch on very quickly. With an album due to be recorded these coming months, and their hefty deal with Fiction, Spector are sure to be catapulted into the mainstream faster than you can say Sinatra.

Having already supported their so-called double, the Kaiser Chiefs, in October last autumn, the boys are rumoured to be going on tour with stunning, redheaded front woman, Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine this year. Call us psychic, but that gig is going to be verging on one reminiscent of the Doors.
Hail the new kids on the block – Spector are one to watch.

Betsy Chadbourn


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