Desperate Housewives – Series 8 Episode 3 Review

The third episode in the latest Desperate Housewives series- “Watch While I Revise the World”-proved how the show can often be hit and miss; with moments of drama that aren’t quite dramatic enough and comedy that falls short of the usual laughs.

In what is seemingly a single episode sub-plot, Lynette was visited by her sister Lydia who has gone from wreck-less wino to earthy hippy in light of her new boyfriend Joshi. But with Lynette still sore from her break up and Lydia gushing loveliness all over her (and the food) it’s not long before the siblings come to blows and Joshi sees the true colours of his latest protege.

Meanwhile Lee asks Renee for help as his daughter hits puberty while her other father is away on business. Being scared witless of boobs he just cant bring himself to take her bra shopping. Although reluctant at first Renee steps up to the mark and we see traces of her jealous childlessness from the former series. But what happens when her and the girl bond too well for Lee’s liking?

Don’t worry the episode winds it up nicely, showing he has in fact got all the feminine side he needs as he paints his daughters nails with a smile on his face.

Carlos and Susan continue their unlikely relationship, beginning with a series of flashbacks reminding you that they’ve never really been that close, before they embark on a moonlight stroll -que archetypal imagery of married people snooping around seemingly out of sight. Of course it’s not long before Mike begins to suspect something, not realizing that he is holding the wrong end of the stick and Susan and Carlos’ secret is much worse than some passionate love affair.

Speaking of wires of suspicion being crossed Bree is still convinced that her cop boyfriend Chuck is behind her threatening letter. When she finds a photograph of her hand and a strange envelope with her name on it in his briefcase surely it can only mean that he has something on them? That he has found evidence to connect her to the murder? Or does it simply mean that he has a romantic surprise planned?

What I felt this episode lacked is genuine intrigue; the twists and turns of the narrative unfolded much too openly this time round.

Mike spies Susan and Carlos on a nighttime stroll – I wonder where that might lead?

The daughter of a gay male couple blossoms into womanhood helped along by her childless hyper feminine neighbour – I wonder what could become of that?

Chuck takes Bree for a romantic date carrying a small package with her name on it after sneakily photographing her hand- endless possibilities there, obviously!

It didn’t have the usual comedy either- though I did enjoy Lee trying to size up the potential homosexuality of Renee’s hunky masseuse; “Look! Ricky Martin!- Eating a banana.” – a cheap gag but it hit the funny bone.

This episode also wore its themes on its sleeve; the art of concealment and the risk of deceit. These suburban housewives have, by now, become masters of deceit; not only covering up their metaphorical skeletons in the closet but giving them a nice shiny gleam too. Summed up perfectly by Susan (serving community service for assaulting a police officer) “beautifying” the run down and graffiti ridden areas of fairview.

Chelsey Burdon

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