Misfits Series 3 Episode 4

Once upon a time in Nazi occupied Britain…

A throw away line from the Christmas Special becomes the basis for the most ambitions episode of Misfits to date. Curtis couldn’t get his power back to save Nikki as Seth had already sold his power to a man that wanted to go back in time and kill Hitler.

The man’s attempt backfired and instead of killing Hitler he accidentally gives him the means to rewrite history. The man reawakens in modern day Britain injured and confused, he is soon captured by soldiers and taken to the community centre which is now a prison.

Time travel episodes are always tricky, but Misfits has done it before only not on this scale. I’m not going to rip apart the logic of this episode, mostly because it was thunderously good fun. Just don’t start picking it apart.

Due to the botched assassination attempt on Hitler, he created a new time stream of events. So, if Hitler had lived and conquered the globe, firstly English wouldn’t be the prominent language, and the odds of all the misfits meeting or even knowing each other would be greatly reduced.

People who lived ordinarily would now have perished in the war or been enslaved, thus this eradicates generations of people and decedents.  Whose to say Simon, Curtis, Rudy or Kelly and Alisha’s parents even met.

Plot holes and grips aside, there is plenty to enjoy. In this world Seth is used to find people with abilities and remove their powers so they are no longer a threat.

In the bizarre new modern world it’s people with abilities that are being hunted and destroyed. This was a chilling reflection of the atrocities that were committed during the war.

Seth gets much more screen time and he’s still hinting that there is more to him than meets the eye. The teaser for next week’s episode promises dark revelations about his past.

There were some really nice touches to the episode, Shaun the probation officer was given a bigger part as a Nazi, but was just as complacent. Simon and Alisha seem destined for each other in any reality and Kelly leading the revolution was the cherry on the cake.

All the cast relish in playing alternative versions of themselves but none are radically different. The only thing I can fault the episode on was the ending, which came around so quickly it felt rushed. What could have been an exciting two-part story was wrapped up neatly in minutes. Kelly saves the day and has a great moment literally kicking the hell out of Hitler.

Kelly opted to have her rocket scientist power restored, in exchange for her unwanted new time traveling ability. Seth promises that he won’t sell it to anybody, but I get the feeling he might have plans to use it himself. A very enjoyable episode but perhaps the weakest of the current series,

Misfits continues Sunday at 10pm on E4

Chris Suffield


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