Misfits Series 3 Episode 2

After last week’s strong opening episode, any doubts I had about the third series were well and truly put to sleep before the first ad break.

As the Misfits all have different powers now it’s good see an episode devoted to getting to grips with these new abilities. This is a Curtis heavy episode and his new power can make him change into a woman. I have to admit I thought this was a daft power last week, but once I saw him/her on the track running it snapped into place where they wanted to take Curtis’s character.

Since he can’t run until his ban is lifted, even then his best running days would be long gone and no coach would train him. His new power gives his dream another chance, but in order to do that he has to contend with pervy boys, periods, confusion and a creepy coach.

To say this episode was impressive is an understatement, in hindsight it was a truly smart move from the writers to do this to Curtis. He is after all a self confessed ladies man, but he walks a mile in a woman’s shoes (and dress) and learns of a softer side he never knew he had.  He also has to get used to the way men treat him when he’s Melissa.

He experiments on himself to figure out what he has been doing wrong in the bedroom, a scene that is a hilarious highlight in the episode. The tone was much more serious, something that did feel a little out of place in the Misfits world.

There was no big bad this week, well at least not one with super powers, but he’s just as much of a threat. The coach at the community centre is targeting promising female runners, in a scene that was stomach churning and creepy the Coach drugged Melissa/Curtis’s drink. Passed out in the back of the car, as he makes his move Curtis wakes up as a man and knocks him out cold. The scene is replayed later with Melissa/Curtis love interest Emma in the back seat.

The budding romance between Kelly and Seth is touched on, only lightly hinted at but the scene where she fixes his can and he drives her all but 10 yards down the road to say thanks was quite sweet.

This was a really confident episode, my only criticism would be it didn’t have it’s usual fun tone we know and love. Massive credit to Nathan Stewart-Jarrettas as Curtis and Kehinde Fadipe as Melissa his female counterpart, they were both fantastic. Simon is growing in confidence with each episode, as his skills develop he edges closer to becoming future Simon.

Rudy wasn’t given an awful lot to do, but I liked he was there but in the background after his centre stage antics last week.  Misfits was and always will be a carefully constructed ensemble piece, this might not be a popular statement but since Nathan has left (all 2 episodes ago) the other characters feel like they have been given more room to breathe. I was a huge fan of Sheehan, so it has nothing to do with him as an actor. Nathan was a larger than life character who maybe cast an unfair shadow over the other cast members, because Misfits might just be one of the best home-grown shows currently on British television.

Next week’s Simon driven episode looks set to answer a couple of questions, it also looks like it will be setting things in motion for the rest of the series.

Chris Suffield


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