One To Watch: Russell Joslin

Russell Joslin is an East London based singer-songwriter who blends the sentimental storytelling tradition of folk music with a fierce modern attitude and disturbingly unique song themes to create a compelling new sound. His newest album; ‘Jet Black And White’ was released on his own label; 2+2 records in March 2010 and followed the 2007 self confessed ‘accidental’ release of his debut ‘Dream Token’ which was received as ‘an album of  intensity and heartfelt cathartic gut spilling’ and ‘a much needed gust of fresh air into the British Folk scene’.

‘Jet Black And White’ was recorded directly after a 3 month wandering trip to the USA; the loneliness and intrigue of the solo traveller is evident in this collection of songs, themes presented include Portland, Oregons fascinating and sexually seedy underbelly, the madness of a fellow Greyhound bus passenger from Pittsburgh and the intense disorientation felt upon returning from a life-changing trip.

In between these two solo albums (2008-2010) Russell pursued a more brutal rock sound for 2 years with drummer Jacob Wheeler in the form of two-piece band Pretty Bricks; the duo headlined London club nights and played Rob Da Banks Bestival twice before disbanding with no official releases to their name.

In 2011 Russell has a new solo album release in the pipeline which will titillate the listener with tales of lost veteran soldiers and a critique of the relationship between The Prime minister and his wife. All this in preparation for a completely new 3-piece band sound which is being found, honed and turned up right now.

Watch his video for ‘Dreams And Country Lanes’

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