Stone Roses Reunion? Which group do you fall into?

Apparently the Stone Roses are all made up and are ready to get back together again. Apparently a lot of people will call them sell outs.

I guess when bands get back together there are 2 other main  groups formed. One – The people that think they are sell outs, these are the people who have probably seen them before.

Two- The other group of people are the people (like me ) who love the music and haven’t had the chance to see them before.

What group do you fall into? Perhaps I’ve overlooked other groups that may be formed – like the people who just don’t care. Let us know though.

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  1. For me, I’ve never seen them before. But I do know that they all hate each other. So I am skeptical at the results of this. I seem to remember that while their first album was one of the greatest ever made, the second was shit.
    I don’t think what group the fans fall into is important. I think what’s important, is what category they fall in. Pre first album or post.

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