Weekly adventures in Music, vol. 2

Weekly adventures in music, vol. 2

Thanks to a certain co-host and friend who said that I “reinvigorated his interest in music”. I have started to write blog entries about the some of the treasures that lay off the beaten track. This is week 2 of Vulture Hound’s adventures into music.

This is the weekly music blog that I do to bring music to people who read my blog or happen upon my blog. Failing that it’s just a weekly post where I talk about new and exciting bands and how you too can find new and exciting music.

The first band we have is a glamorous Goth girl and her electro post-punk stylings, an odd concoction indeed. The second band of the week is a Scottish band that recently supported the legendary Mogwai on their UK tour.

Zola Jesus

It really is quite sickening when people who are younger than you have so much talent and have achieved so much more than you have. But that’s not their fault; it’s our own for being slayed by the beast of procrastination. Nika Roza Danilova is the target of my collective anguish and joy. Young miss Danilova is the talent behind the Goth, electro, noise-pop, post-punk madness act Zola Jesus. The band really is as hard to pigeon-hole as that. I don’t mean to confuse so let’s take a step backwards and describe what you will get from the Zola Jesus listening experience. The sound production is very distant and echoes, so that’s where the gothic comes from. Other than that the music is fairly typical, it’s like Kate Bush being channelled through alt rock and noise pop norms. I often claim to be a fan of different, weird and diverse music and that is true, yet the music of Zola Jesus and her peers are most definitely best saved for those days when the weather is pretty bad and things aren’t going so well. This is the soundtrack to the darker half of the year.

As for how I discovered the young Miss Danilova, this is one of those occasions where I am struggling to remember the details for. Usually when that is the case it means either the band is too huge to discover or it’s very recent and it’s been buried in a haze of new music and new things. This case is most definitely the latter, but I shall soldier on through the shoddy memory. Let’s see… Ah, yes, I remember. It was about a year ago when I was going through a phase of liking noise music, but instead of liking the noise music which is literally as the title suggests – just noise – I looked for music a bit more distinctive. The sort of stuff I liked at the time was horror electronics, or in other words really disturbing stuff that would easily soundtrack the scariest film that you were ever likely to see. One band in particular was Burial Hex who just so happened to have released a split record with Zola Jesus, and the rest is history.

Selected Zola Jesus Discography

– Stridulim II – 2010 – Souterrain Transmissions
– New Amsterdam – 2009 – Sacred Bones
– The Spoils – 2009 – Sacred Bones
– Burial Hex/Zola Jesus Split – 2009 – Aurora Borealis


The Twilight Sad (pictured)

I have a bit of a problem with accents and music; I think this is because a lot of modern bands sing with the same mid-Atlantic American accent regardless of where they are from. Take Biffy Clyro for example, whatever you may think of them it is fairly ridiculous that they sing in an American accent when they are from Glasgow. That sort of cod-Americanism just completely ruins a lot of bands for me. This is where the twilight sad come in, they are from somewhere in Scotland half way between Glasgow and Sterling and their singer shows that too. Enough of what they stand for though. What are the Twilight Sad? They are a rock band that is half way between indie and post rock, so they have just as many great indie songs as they do triumphant explosions of noise. They are the perfect middle point and for me they succeed where the likes of iLiKETRAiNS and Hope of the States fail.

As I mentioned earlier, the second band of the week (The Twilight Sad) has recently gained a new group of fans thanks to their recent stint as a support act to the legendary band Mogwai. But I discovered them earlier than all these new comers, so nyeh. I’m joking, I’m not one of these people who holds meaning in discovering a band before they become popular (relatively speaking). But back to the point in question here, how I discovered the twilight sad. Well, this is one of those occasions where I just took a stab in the dark. I liked their name and artwork, everything secondary to the music consequently I took a chance and bought their debut album and loved it, and the rest is history.

Selected The Twighlight Sad Discography

– Forget the Night Ahead – 2009 – Fat Cat Records
– Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters – 2007 – Fat Cat Records


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