Want to contribute?

We are currently looking to get some more people to join us.

Currently we focus on Film, Music and Art/Design/Illustration. Looking for the things we find the most interesting and exciting. We are looking for more of the same, but also would like to add more reviews of films, music and adding more for TV as well as listings more interesting events or gigs.

Do you want to be apart of this new project? Do you think you can find the coolest videos and music around? Do you want your reviews and opinion to be heard? It’s early days but who knows where this could go!

If you want to contribute to us and join the team then please contact us at contribute@vulturehound.com and let us know how you could contribute.


  • I contacted you through twitter, profile name – drum_eggs. And If at all possible I would like to contribute with either music or film. I am equally well versed in both.

    To sample some of my stuff, visit by personal blog – no frame of reference http://www.drumeggs.blog.com – and visit the blog for the radio show that I am involved in over at – http://www.doubletakeontheradio.blog.com