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Mauro De Donatis

We love the work of Mauro De Donatis. So we got in contact. Check out his words and more work below.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mauro De Donatis I am 28 yeard old graphic designerand I am working in Rome as part of visual communicationespecially in publishing, corporate image and typography. Recently my works are focused in generative composition especially in typography treatment. I’m graduated at the European Institute of Design in Rome, and I worked for different agencies and now I am currently working as a freelance.

Actually I started a collaboration with HandMadeFont. I worked on several clients like Philip Morris Italy and International, Procter&Gamble, Nike, Max Factor, Telecom, Zaini, Wind, Renault. Since then I’ve worked on projects which call for art direction, design, illustration and custom typography for arts, culture and advertising clients.

Check out more of his work here –


  1. dan says:

    Just Illustration art using Delaunay Triangulation Raster by Jonathan Puckey –

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