Kilian Eng – Illustrator and Animator

Just been in contact with this excellent illustrator and animator Kilian Eng who has given us a preview of his latest animation below.

Kilian Eng is a 28 year old  freelance illustrator and animator from Stockholm, Sweden. For the moment the majority of his work is for record labels and musicians, designing record covers, logotypes poster and other kinds of promotional visuals. The most of his commissioned work is done under the name DW Design where he creates visuals with a surrealistic / sci fi approach. Besides working on a commercial level there is also a big interest in creating own stories, both with still images and animated ones. A lot of these things are under developement and will soon start to come out for a larger audience. On his Behance portfolio page you can see more of whats going on with his art.

A link to a brand new trailer of Kilians forthcoming animated shortfilm Marchmounts:

Check out more of his work here –

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